Feedback and Fresher’s Flu

Seriously, I was only up at uni for one day and I’ve only had one new housemate and yet I have been truly felled by fresher’s flu. Ok, that’s a bit melodramatic, but I’m feeling rough and I couldn’t sleep until about 6am this morning. Blah blah blah.

Other than that this week has been pretty good. I got feedback from both of my supervisors on the report I have to submit. My director of studies said that it’s the best bit of writing he’s seen from me, which is thrilling. He also said that if my rapporteur gives me gyp over it he’ll be ‘incandescent’. So I’m feeling more positive about that. Again, I owe it to all of the help I received on twitter, three people in particular were brilliant and sent me fab emails that stopped me from completely falling to bits.

I had to add a couple of hundred words to the report after the meeting, mostly just repeating what I’d already said in order to make it explicitly clear that I actually know what I’m doing. Now I’m mostly gearing up to start teaching the undergrads next week, which isn’t being helped by the fact that the world is currently a terrible place filled with sadness, tissues and cough medicine. Not to mention sherry. Lots of sherry.

This past weekend I was up in Chester for a family weekend away, which was lovely but exhausting. Monday was spent catching up on sleep, emails and meeting my new housemate. Yesterday was sacrificed to the report and wallowing in snotty self pity. Today has mostly comprised of lemsip, buying more sherry and cough syrup and staring balefully at the Norton Anthology of Poetry. I’m away this coming weekend as well, so I should really try and crack on.

In other news, I started yoga classes a couple of weeks ago. I’m rubbish, but I’m really enjoying it. I wasn’t really expecting to get anything other than some bendy stretchy time out of it, but it’s actually really peaceful. Much recommended. Also supposed to be very good at fending off scholar’s hunch.

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