Teaching Prep

This week is focussed on teaching preparation. I start on Wednesday by attending my module’s lecture/workshop and helping in group tasks. My actual teaching begins on Thursday where I’ll hosting a seminar that will be introducing undergrads to comparing and contrasting poetry. Eep! I’ve done some research into the poems we’ll be using in class and I’m meeting the module leader this afternoon. I keep on swinging between excitement and sheer terror. Next term it’ll be easier because I’m teaching on critical theory which is something I’m pretty confident in (I say that now, come January I’ll be freaking out).

As I write this I’m also having a Facebook chat convo with another PhD-er who will be teaching on the same module. It’s actually really nice to be chatting about something neither of us really know about – we’re just chucking out ideas and discussing them. At this point in our academic careers where we’re so focussed on this tiny gap of knowledge that we’re working to fill, this kind of freeform discussion is really refreshing. That’s something I’m actually looking forward to about teaching – seeing people’s perspectives and the leaps that their minds make.

I haven’t touched my thesis in a while. I was away again this weekend – gallivanting in Birmingham. This week will be dedicated to the teaching bits and bobs, but I’ve got a meeting with my supervisor next week so I would like to have a bit more done by then. Friday, Saturday and Sunday will probably be thesis days, with the Monday and possibly Tuesday being dedicated again to lesson prep. I’m also in the process of editing a collection of essays, so I need to squeeze in some work on that. Getting to a point where I really need to start timetabling my life rather than just bopping between the couple of things I need to do. First year really is over. Let the PhD chaos truly begin.

4 thoughts on “Teaching Prep

  1. Words of advice: Don’t show fear/nervousness and be intimidating the first week (those were issues I had my first semester teaching). But it sounds like you’re prepared for the content, so that part should be fine. Best of luck Thursday!


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