Indoor Waterfall

I’ve started my second chapter. And by that I mean that I’ve been typing up quotes and copy and pasting from various other bits of work I’ve done during my PhD that seems to be relevant to this chapter. No original thought has happened. But it will. Soon.

I was supposed to meet the linguistics professor last week but the night before, my house flooded so I had to cancel for plumber related purposes. The header tank in our loft flooded and the overflow pipe had come disconnected, so litres and litres of water came pouring through the attic room’s ceiling and down into the first floor. Nightmare. I managed to get all of the water turned off and located an emergency plumber. Still waiting for them to come back and fit some new parts, though.

Other than that I feel like I’ve barely done anything. This has been my first weekend at home in a month, so I achieved a fair bit, previously I’ve been down and up the country visiting various people for various things. I’m away again next weekend, and possibly for the week for Easter. Planning on getting some writing done at my Mum’s house as it’s in the countryside with no distractions.

Lesson planning takes so much of my time and brain-power. I’ve had to limit myself to a day for it, otherwise I waste half the week, but even then I spend a good ten to twelve hours on it for just a one hour lesson. I wonder if anyone else does the same? Teaching is fun though, I like seeing the students grasping something, or at least getting enough of the gist that they know which questions to ask. It helps that I’ve got a fairly cheery group. they’re all bricking it over their essay at the moment though, so I’m getting a lot of panicked emails.

Hopefully next week I’ll have something more impressive to report.

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6 thoughts on “Indoor Waterfall

  1. I feel the same about teaching. I do seem to spend most of my weeks preoccupied with it although it’s only 4 hours… But the two days that I teach my brain is kind of useful afterwards. Good idea to limit the planning to one day.
    All the best for your chapter! I’ve been struggling with my first analysis chapter for too long and can’t wait to get rid of it ^^

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    1. It seems so easy to prioritise it over the PhD because it’s a proper job. My supervisor told me that, no matter how little I feel I know, I always know tonnes more than the undergrads. I think we get used to knowing about every nook and cranny of information about a subject and forget how sweeping undergrad study is.
      Best of luck with the chapter, the first one is always the hardest. Or at least that’s what I’m told.

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