It’s been a quiet week. I don’t feel as though I’ve achieved much of anything. I wrote that 6000 word report, but that was mostly just copy and pasting stuff that I’ve already done. Other than that, I don’t think I’ve done very much.

I shimmied off to Birmingham for a couple of days to see my friend. Then I spent Friday and Saturday in a dark room with one of my headaches. I honestly don’t know what I did yesterday; and today I’ve been getting ready to go away again on Wednesday. I’m off down south for a friend’s birthday which means that I’ll stop off to see Mum, which consequently means I’ll stop off and see Dad too, which will be nice, but it drags a weekend out into a ten days romp down the country.

On the up side, some new books for my thesis have started arriving, so I can start cracking on with those.

I’d like to say that next week will be better, but as I’ll be driving all over the show, I very much doubt it will.


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