Plunge Theatre and Plummeting Motivation

This week was supposed to be very productive. I’d convinced myself that I’d have no problem bashing out a thousand words a day so I’d have my first chapter finished in time for my transfer viva. Unfortunately I instead spent my week procrastinating in various non-helpful ways. I didn’t even go to the gym or tidy my desk. Entirely unproductive procrastination that I can’t excuse.

I attended the fab ‘Interrogating queer, crip & the body‘ symposium that I blogged about. That evening I also attended an amazing theatre performance called ‘Private View‘ performed by Plunge Theatre. It was a largely non-verbal performance that tackled issues of femininity, media culture and friendship. I found it to be a really powerful show that manages to get across so much whilst actually verbalising very little; any creative writing student will be able to tell you that ‘showing not telling’ is the key to evocative narratives and Plunge Theatre managed this beautifully. Whilst packing a real punch the show is also absolutely hilarious, I fully did my uncontrollable ugly laugh that I try to restrict to non-public spaces so as not to scare the villagers. There were frank depictions of what is expected of the female body in modern society juxtaposed with hilarious discussions of what the body actually does – ‘nipple hair’, ‘chub rub’, ‘a big black poo after a night of drinking’. It had me in hysterics. Ultimately is was a very powerful and liberating performance, I felt ready to face the world with a new zeal after watching it. After the show the lovely Plunge Theatre aka, Izabella Malewska, Tutku Barbaros and Lilly Pollard answered questions about the performance saying that it ultimately came from the question ‘do you experience this too?’. They mentioned that their next aim is to get the performance in to schools and run PSHE workshops, which I think would be bloomin’ amazing and EXACTLY what young people need, girls and boys alike. I truly hope that they manage to achieve this.

That was on Friday and I honestly couldn’t tell you what I’ve done since then with any degree of accuracy. I’m not sure I even got dressed until today. I’m heading back to the doctors to up my meds as clearly they’re not doing the trick as they are. Today I’ve done one turn of the Pomodoro technique and written 200 words. I’m going to do another one now, and hopefully another couple by tonight.

Next week I really will have something positive to say about my productivity. Pomodoro is the answer, stop avoiding it!


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