Graphs and Silk Vaginas.

As promised this week I have done nothing productive, I did however attend a bloody excellent LGBTQ event at Sheffield’s Moor Theatre Delicatessen – The event opened with drama production  Nine Lives written by Zodwa Nyoni and performed by Lladel Bryant. It’s a one man performance that depicts the life of a young Zimbabwean man, Ishmael, who has been outed as gay and has sought refuge in the UK. It shows the struggles – personal, legal and institutional that he faces as he works his way through the immigration system and shows his relationships with the people he meets, however fleetingly. The play is beautifully designed, centred around a suitcase of belongings and interspersed with evocative and descriptive sound effects. Lladel acts it wonderfully, he switches between accents, personalities, sorrow and humour seamlessly. If you get a chance to see it, I highly recommend it. The trailer can be viewed here.

The next part of the night was a showing of the electro rock opera Peaches Does Herself which tells the mythical history of the musician Peaches. It was fully mental. Fully. Mental. People climb out of giant silk vaginas, there are strap-ons abound and exploding tits and lots of screaming. It’s not something I’d choose to watch alone, or again, but in the setting with the excellent crowd of people and plenty of booze it was great.

After that there was music and dancing and more booze. I attended with the lovely Frizbot who I vow to never drink with again because she is a gin-consuming MACHINE. We did do some excellent bopping and I have strained dance related muscles that I didn’t know I had. So that’s something. Oh and there were moustaches. So many moustaches. Mine was a regal grey number that i repurposed as a soul-patch when it got in the way of my drinking.

PhD-wise, I’ve decided that I want to get my new chapter done by August. I have my transfer viva in September, so I need a good chunk of work to prove my worth before then. Things keep on vaguely flicking into shape in my mind, so I’m hoping that this might be a turning point.

I read an interesting blog this morning that spoke about the phases of PhD motivation. It describes it in terms of this maths chart-y thing, I forget what they’re called…there’s a reason I do literature.

I like to think that I’m at stage 5, but I’m completely aware that I’ll probably return full-circle at least six more times before the PhD is over.

P.S. GRAPH! IT’S CALLED A GRAPH. OK. That’s settled. Maths, ugh.

P.P.S. Hopefully next week I’ll have something magical to say about how productive I’ve been…


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