Balance and Brevity

Unsurprisingly this week I’ve been writing my conference paper. I think it’s pretty much done now…I think. I’d like to write a jazzier ending, but we’ll have to see. The paper had its beginnings in last week’s blog and therefore started rather informally. I’ve found it rather tricky to get the tone right, how formal do you make a conference paper? On the one hand I want it to show my academic ability, after all I’ll be talking to potential future contacts; but on the other hand, I don’t want it to be boring, I don’t just want to just read an essay aloud. I’ve tried to make the language fairly informal whilst making, what I hope are, interesting points. I’ve probably driven everyone mad reading it to myself.

I spent the week back up North before heading South again on Friday. I spent the weekend in Gloucestershire and now I’m down in Devon before I head across to Brighton for the conference. I’ve just been trying to break the journey up a bit and pick a route that avoids the dreaded M25.

My next post will probably be some kind of summary of the conference, I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to post though.

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