Better Late Than Never

I didn’t post on Monday because I totally forgot, I didn’t post yesterday because I only remembered when I was in bed and I was far too warm to move. This probably doesn’t say much for my current level of concentration. I’m at my Mum and stepdad’s new house for a couple of weeks. It’s out in the middle of the country side, there’s barely any signal and the internet is giving me flashbacks to the days of dial-up.

I’ve actually managed to get some reading done. Sitting next to an aga no less. I’ve almost finished two books – I blasted through Janet Mock’s autobiography once I’d gotten past the slow start and I’m about 20 pages away from finishing Roz Kaveny’s Tiny Pieces of Skull. The book itself is interesting, it’s about an English trans woman who moves to America and has to find her way. She’s let down by the friend she was going to live with and ends up in a motel type apartment. Luckily she meets a neighbour who turns out to also be a trans woman, or a ‘sister’ as they call themselves in the book, which I think is a lovely nod to trans community spirit. She finds a job and gradually comes to terms with life in the states, building up a sense of self and gaining in self-confidence. My only problem with the book is that, whilst it was published this year, it was written in the 80s. My thesis is on post-90s narratives, so it’s a tricky conundrum working out where this falls. Either way I’m excited to see Kaveney talk at the Trans Studies Now conference next month.

My plan for the next week is to try and get as much reading done as I can, between helping strip wallpaper, learning how to cook on an aga and walking the dog.


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