Nothing to see here…

I’m not going to lie, I’ve done nothing this week. I went home to Cheltenham to help my Mum and step-dad pack ready for their move and now I’m in Cardiff for the week. I’m hosting my creative writing group tonight and I have a drag themed birthday party to attend on Saturday. I’ve bought a book with me to write notes on, but I don’t think I’m going to have much time to actually do anything.

I have arranged to go to another conference though, there’s one being hosted by Sussex university – Trans Studies Now which I am really excited about. They’ve got an open CFP at the moment, so I’m trying to think of something smart to write a paper on to submit.

I’ve written a short story to submit to an online magazine, which doesn’t really count toward my PhD, but a publication is a publication right? Especially as I might one day end up teaching creative writing (mu undergrad and MA are in English and Creative Writing).

So that’s it. I doubt I’ll have anything to write about next Monday either…but after that I’m really going to have to up my game!

Word count: 0

Gym sessions: 0

(Starting to think there two things might be more linked than I had originally thought).

4 thoughts on “Nothing to see here…

  1. I find gym sessions are easier to do if you just do them at home. Find half hour breaks in between studies to do squats/lunges/planks etc. And it helps creativity! I mean, it’s not the same as using the apparatus in the gym but it’s hell of a lot more convenient 🙂

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