This week has been an odd one. I’ve apparently achieved quite a lot – I finished the Judith Butler book I was reading, I’ve gone through a number of my other text books to retrieve their quotes about Butler’s work and I’ve written another 2000 words and sent some work to my supervisors. I just have no idea when I did all of this. Well, I know I did the bulk of the writing yesterday and the day before, but up until then I felt like I’d had another week of procrastination. I don’t really know when and how I got things done.

That’s probably a compelling reason to more strictly enforce the timetable I set myself.

No matter what happens during the week, I always feel that I should have done more. That’s largely due to the fact that I waste and endless amount of time on twitter and generally farting about on the internet rather than reading the pile of books I keep on renewing from the library. I’ve fallen into the old creative writing trap where I think I need to be inspired before I can achieve anything. “Oh, well there’s no point doing it now because I’m just not into it, I’d do it much better later when I’m feeling more alert.”

Here’s the thing, inspiration doesn’t spring from sodding nowhere. And it doesn’t come from the same place every time. It comes from new things and experiences. If you’re stuck in a rut with creative writing you have to go and read some new books, or take yourself off on an adventure. I think the same can be said for academia. I really got into the swing of things on Thursday when I decided I was going to read what I thought was a completely unrelated journal article just because if I had to read one more thing about Butler I was going to set Undoing Gender on fire. It sparked something, I started to draw connections between that essay and my work on Butler and then I bashed out a couple of thousand words bouncing from those ideas.

Tackling and old topic from a new direction makes it interesting. Tackling a new topic from an old direction makes it understandable.

Now that I’ve sent that bit of work I’m going to spend next week reading some of those library books and hopefully gaining some inspiration from their new ideas.

Word count: 2000ish

Gym sessions: 2

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