Sit Still and Sulk

This week has been pretty sedentary. I didn’t leave my house for four days. Whoops. I did however write 2000 words. And I think I’m happy with them, which is something that hasn’t happened in ages. It’s a piece of work that I’ve been putting off and putting off because it’s on a topic I’ve covered before and I couldn’t work out how to write about it without basically copying what I said in my MA. I sulked for the weekend and most of Monday and Tuesday about it. Eventually I just decided to go back to the beginning.

Instead of just re-reading the notes I already have on the subject, I went back to the primary and key texts, which seems obvious, I know, but once I’ve made notes on something, I tend to stick with those out of pure laziness. Upon returning to the first primary text I found a section I don’t remember reading before and it fits perfectly with my thesis, it uses the key word in my title about four times per sentence. Ideal. So that reinvigorated my interest somewhat, and seemed to help everything piece itself together. I’m still talking about the stuff I mentioned in my MA, but I’ve streamlined it and this new angle has let my discuss similar ideas while using a different entry point making it feel new to even the most easily distracted parts of my brain [most of my brain].

I also realised something pretty crucial this week. Exercise helps you think. I know that every motivational pin on pinterest and all of the exercise advice out there tells you this, but I tend to ignore stuff I don’t want to admit to myself. Like the fact that I’ll never get my Hogwarts letter. Or that I’ll never have a pet dragon. Up until the past fortnight I’ve been doing pretty well at going to the gym at least a couple of times a week. But then I stopped. And now my brain has too. Gone is the easy bounce of idea to idea, and instead there’s a slow drag, like pulling yarn out of an angry tub of lard. So now that I’m on track with my words-a-week goal, I’m going to add ‘getting off my arse’ to the list of things I want to achieve every week.

This coming week I’m going to continue with last week’s writing and as a reward I’m going to read Sara Ahmed’s Queer Phenomenology which looks all kinds of awesome and perfect for my thesis.

Word Count: 2000 ish.


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